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Here at Antique Silver Company we are proud to be antique silver dealers, we not only get excited about silver but also about the opportunities we have to hunt down and obtain and some incredibly beautiful and historical pieces. We deal with a lot of antique silver dealers and a large percentage of them are only after our money, we believe this is a bad business practice. Having said that, many of the antique silver dealers we deal with on a day to day basis are fascinated by antique silver and do their utmost to locate and purchase interesting pieces and it is this approach that seems to produce the best rewards. As reputable antique silver dealers we look after each and every client as our first after all, it's the clients who have made our business successful.

As antique silver dealers we go out of our way to make your purchase as pain free and simple as possible. You get the same personal service whether you're after a small teaspoon for Granny's birthday or you are looking for a long term relationship with an antique silver dealer. We try hard to look after our customers and this comes across with every sale and contact we make.

Antique Silver

Antique silver is our business and, as you would expect, we have a real passion for antique silver. This does not only include the typical Victorian and Georgian antique silver but also silver from the Arts & Crafts period. We have a very good range of stock ranging in price from under £50 to well over £10,000. All pieces of antique silver on our web site are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

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Below is a small selection of antique silver categories, more can be found to the left.

Welcome to Antique Silver Company. We have a wide selection of antique silver ranging from modest items to pieces of English history. Whatever your taste, you can be assured of an outstanding service, as we make it our priority to treat all our customers with the highest level of service possible. As antique silver dealers, we are proud of both our antique silver and our superb service.

As antique silver dealers, we work incredibly hard to bring our customers a truly superb assortment of fine antique silver and cater for all budgets so please take a look around the site. We also offer a newsletter so if you'd like to be kept up to date of our offerings please go to our Newsletter page and sign up. We value our customers privacy and will never release your information.


"I'd really just like to thank you for your service so far. Admittedly I was a little wary of buying antiques over the internet at first, but I've been incredibly impressed by the items I've received so far. It's really been a very impressive experience. Thanks again, Oliver."

"Good Afternoon, thank you very much for the lovely A E Jones eastern oil lamp which we received safely yesterday.
It's really beautiful and in excellent condition. It's been a pleasure to do business with you.
Thank you again, Yvonne"

Shown below are the latest items to be put on our site

Item ID: M591-P459
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Stunning Set of Three Large Paul Storr Georgian, George III Sterling Silver Master Table Salts, London 1800 by Paul Storr 17.1oz/486grms
Year: 1800
Maker: Paul Storr
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: M541-P459
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Fabulous Heavy Matched Pair of George III, Georgian Sterling Silver Chambersticks, Chamber Sticks by William Bruce 33.4oz/945grms
Year: 1811
Maker: William Bruce
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: H305-P458
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Rare Archibald Knox Liberty & Co Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver and Enamel Napkin Ring Birmingham 1904.
Year: 1904
Maker: Archibald Knox Liberty & Co
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: R320-P457
Description: A Very Large Rare Sterling Silver Asparagus Draining Dish with Sauce Boat and Asparagus Servers Sheffield 1939 by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths 61.3oz/1740grms
Year: 1939
Maker: Goldsmiths & Silversmiths
Price: £2750.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: M497-P456
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Fantastic Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Four Piece Cruet Set, Elkington & Co Birmingham 1905.
Year: 1905
Maker: Elkington & Co
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: M491-P456
Description: A Fabulous Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Gem Set Bowl by A E Jones, Albert Edward Jones Birmingham 1905
Year: 1905
Maker: A E Jones Albert Edward Jones
Price: £1630.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: EB56783-P455
Description: A Large Sterling Silver Arts & Crafts Navette Shaped Double Handled Dish by A E Jones, Albert Edward Jones, Birmingham 1910 weight 18.3oz/520grms
Year: 1910
Maker: A E Jones Albert Edward Jones
Price: £2400.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: S3-2of2-P454
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Very Rare Arts and Crafts Small Sterling Silver Tankard Birmingham 1927 by A E Jones Albert Edward Jones.
Year: 1927
Maker: A E Jones Albert Edward Jones
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: S3-1of2-P454
Description: A Large A E Jones Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Sugar Caster Chester 1922 by Albert Edward Jones
Year: 1922
Maker: A E Jones Albert Edward Jones
Price: £770.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: B36-P453
Description: A Large Early Victorian Sterling Silver Mint Condition Table Snuff Box in Original Fitted Case Birmingham 1846 by Nathaniel Mills 4.7oz/135grms
Year: 1846
Maker: Nathaniel Mills
Price: £2070.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: CA2796-P452
Description: A George II Sterling Silver Coffee Pot London 1735 by John Swift (First Mark)
Year: 1735
Maker: John Swift (First Mark)
Price: £2840.00
Sold: No
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)
Item ID: CA2795-P452
Description: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD-A Very Early George II Sterling Silver Chocolate Pot London 1729 by Richard Bayley (First Mark)
Year: 1729
Maker: Richard Bayley (First Mark)
Price: £
Sold: yes
(click photograph for more information and large photographs)

Simply Beautiful

rare antique silver

omar ramsden goblets

"Dear Peter, Royal Mail delivered the goods a few minutes ago, I am pleased to say. The packaging was most impressive (considerable time clearly expended to ensure no damage in transit) and, happily, the contents were in sound condition and fully in line with expectation. Many thanks for this excellent service and I am sure you will be the first port of call when we next consider a silver purchase. Meantime, I reciprocate best wishes for Christmas and may you have a prosperous 2011. Kindest regards, Bron."

Valuations and Identification

Here at Antique Silver Company we like to think of ourselves as friendly antique silver dealers who provide all the services our customers require. If you have a piece you are interested in selling please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us for a valuation, and perhaps, an offer. Please note that it is far easier for us to put a value on an item of antique silver if we are sent good photographs including a close up or two of the hallmarks.These photographs should be emailed to us at

Is it safe to purchase over the Internet?

We get asked many times if it is truly safe to purchase using a credit or debit card on the Antique Silver Company web site. The answer to this is a simple yes. We use SagePay as our payment provider, this means that we don't actually get to see your payment details, they are transmitted securely direct to SagePay, we are just told by SagePay when you have successfully placed your order. SagePay is trusted all over the world by millions of people, there are 3 reasons for their success; the first is that they have a superb reputation for security and extremely low rates of fraud, the second reason there is no fee to the customer and the third is that it is so simple to use. We are also fully PCI DSS compliant which is the set of rules and regulations that mean we are allowed to take credit cards and debit cards via our website.

Safe & secure with Paypal

To purchase an item of antique silver from us simply find the item on our web site, click the 'Buy Now' button and type in your details. If you prefer to use bank transfer or would like to just send us a cheque this is also accepted. For more information on our payment methods and the purchasing process please visit our 'How To Order' page by clicking here.

Antique Silver

We have various articles about antique silver on our site. From cleaning your silver to understanding hallmarks we have it here. See below for some of the articles written by us that we host here on our site.

A minute in the thoughts of Antique Silver Company

Antique Silver Dishring"Yesterday I was cleaning a beautiful antique silver Irish Dish Ring from the late eighteenth century, I found myself wondering who else had handled this beautiful masterpiece, who had bought this item when new and what was life like for them back then? The owner was obviously well healed however they certainly didn't have the option of going out and buying a nice car as the invention of the car was still around 100 years away. These are questions I just can't help but ask. Some of the items on our web site date back to the period of the daughter of King Henry VIII. I sat there thinking about life back then, no cars, no electricity, medicine was in it's infancy, it was 170 years before the first ascent of Mount Everest yet silversmiths were able to take this amazing material and make shear beauty from it. Antique Silver is a love of mine that just seems to get stronger over time and the more I delve into it's history the more I am amazed by how the early silversmiths produced such outstanding pieces. We stock lots of items of antique silver that are over 250 years old, use the links down the left side of this page to look at the various periods."

Antique Silver Company Environmental Policy

Antiques are green Here at Antique Silver Company we like to do our part in maintaining the balance of the planet we live on. We are proud members of Antiques are Green and rightly so, after all, antiques are about as green and environmentally friendly as you can get. The longevity of antiques mean that they tend to get handed down from one generation to the next and so on. This very fact means that the environmental damage that is caused by their manufacturing process is reduced to almost zero. Antique silver items are at the opposite end of the scale compared to something like a DVD player which is almost a disposable item that is renewed perhaps 30 times during the life of a piece of beautiful antique silver. Our message is simple, Antiques are Green.

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